About Us


What is Path Partners?

Path Partners is a membership community for men and women who desire to change their life and make a fresh start. Many times people reach a point in their jobs, health, or relationships that causes them to ask, “Is this all there is?” Disillusionment can also be caused by the loss of a job, death of someone close, or a child going off to college. You start questioning everything in your life and nothing seems to bring fulfillment. If you feel stuck in your current situation and sense it’s time for some changes, life coaching can help put you on a clear path. It’s not too late to turn over a new leaf!

How did Path Partners get started?
Path Partners founder Christine Schaap
Christine Schaap founded Path Partners in 2003 to educate and support women struggling with the changes and challenges facing them in midlife. Subsequently, Path Partners broadened their scope to help men understand what their wives were experiencing so they could be supportive and survive this transitional time in their life and marriage. Today, Path Partners provides men and women with the tools and resources to lead full and rewarding lives.
Anita Smith
Anita Smith, a successful business coach, joined Path Partners in 2011. In addition to her expertise in business coaching, Anita has worked as a sales consultant and trainer, a real estate investor, and is an innovative entrepreneur.

What is life coaching and why would I benefit from it?

Life coaching is simply a partnership between two people based on honesty, respect, encouragement, and accountability. If you’re at a crossroads, tired of making the same detrimental choices – or simply want to experience more happiness, clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose – life coaching can help you create the change you are looking for. Working with a life coach is empowering because their role is to listen and ask ‘guided’ questions that help you discover where you want to be in life. Through a series of action-steps, a life coach guides you in overcoming your fears and achieving a more balanced life that reflects your personal values and priorities.

What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

Life coaching is for people that are mentally healthy, highly functional, and capable of
achieving their goals. Coaching is not appropriate for clients who suffer severe depression,
anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or unresolved issues requiring a therapist to help them
analyze the past for causes of emotional pain and unhealthy behavior patterns. Coaching clients
are typically goal-oriented people that are in need of guidance, motivation, and accountability.
They are looking forward to where they want to be, not back to where they’ve been. Unlike
therapists who ask, “Why?” coaches ask, “What’s next?” Life coaching is focused on future
goals, overcoming obstacles, and figuring out what to do next.

What makes Path Partners different from other coaching websites?

Unlike the majority of coaching websites that offer only individual coaching (which can be
expensive), Path Partners offers an affordable alternative. When you become a member of Path
Partners, you are given access to a ten module 90-day kick start program called New Beginnings that takes you through many of the discovery type questions that you would normally do one-on-one with a coach. This allows you to be self-guided in your discovery process so that you can then begin to take immediate action toward creating the life you desire.

As you begin to develop a clear vision of the life you want, group coaching classes will further motivate and encourage you in achieving the life of your dreams. Path Partners offers a variety of group coaching classes in the areas of life balance, money & career, relationships, health & wellness, and spiritual growth. You can participate in these calls live or access archived classes at your convenience.

In addition to the 90-day kick start program and group coaching classes, Path Partners provides a private member forum where you can share ideas and receive support from others on a similar journey of growth and change. We also offer a wealth of other tools and resources – articles, interviews, Ask the Coach, and your own personal Library — to help you create a fresh start in life.

Does Path Partners offer individual coaching?

Absolutely! You have the option of choosing a single private coaching session or participating in our monthly coaching program which gives you four private coaching sessions each month at a discounted rate. All coaching sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Do I have to be a member of Path Partners to get individual coaching?

We offer a discounted introductory coaching session for new clients where you can determine if private coaching is right for you. If you decide to continue private coaching after that, we ask that you be a member so that you can take full advantage of the resources Path Partners makes available – especially the 90-day kick start program which will help you make the best use of your time with your coach.